TATA Indigo Tyre Price and Size

TATA Indigo Tyre Size

P175/65 – R14 – 82 T/S/H

TATA Indigo Variants

All Indigo Comes with Same Tyre Size.

Tata Indigo GLX, Tata Indigo GLS, Tata Indigo LS TDi, Tata Indigo LX TDi, Tata Indigo LS DiCOR.

TATA Indigo Tyre Price

Brand NameModel NameLoad IndexTypePrice
JK TyresVectra82 STubeLessRs. 3210
ApolloAmazer 3G Maxx82 TTubeLessRs. 3480
JK TyresTornado82 STubeLessRs. 3485
CEATMilazeTubeLessRs. 3600
GoodYearGT382 TTubeLessRs. 3645
GoodYearGPS282 TTubeLessRs. 3650
ApolloAcelere82 HTubeLessRs. 3850
ApolloAcelere82 HTubeLessRs. 3890
JK TyresTornado82 STubeRs. 4000
PirelliP4 Four Seasons82 TTubeLessRs. 4090
ContinentalContiecoContact 382 TTubeLessRs. 4160
PirelliCinturato P482 TTubeLessRs. 4400
GoodYearAssurance82 HTubeLessRs. 4475
MichelinEnergy XM282 HTubeLessRs. 4500
BridgestoneS32282 TTubeLessRs. 4510
BridgestoneS32282 TTubeRs. 4510
BridgestoneB25082 TTubeLessRs. 4550
BridgestoneTuranza ER 6082 HTubeLessRs. 4768
BridgestonePotenza Giii82 HTubeLessRs. 4925


  1. Harshal says

    Dear Sir / Ma’am,

    I require 5 tyres for my Tata Indigo CS. Please suggest which will be the best tyres and please quote accordingly. I’m located at Mumbai.

    Thank You,


    Harshal Mantri

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