Apollo Acelere Maxx Tyre Prices

Apollo Acelere Maxx Tyre

Apollo Acelere Maxx Tyre Details

  • Asymmetric, Maximum Performance
  • V rated, tubeless tyre
  • Innovative asymmetric tread pattern for maximum performance
  • Special silica compound for better fuel economy and wet performance
  • Superb performance in wet and dry conditions

Apollo Acelere Maxx Tyre Prices

Brand NameModel NameTypeTyre SizeLoad IndexPrice
ApolloACELERE MAXXTubelessP 195/50R 1582VRs. 5,355
ApolloACELERE MAXXTubelessP 205/50R 1687VRs. 5,127
ApolloACELERE MAXXTubelessP 205/55R 1691VRs. 6,915
ApolloACELERE MAXXTubelessP 225/55R 1695VRs. 8,057
ApolloACELERE MAXXTubelessP 225/60R 1698VRs. 8,477
ApolloACELERE MAXXTubelessP 215/55R 1697VRs. 8,051

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